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Feature Documentary DVD Now Available  here

This feature documentary is a joyful, cinematic celebration of the pioneering Brazilian musical artist, producer, composer, keyboardist, vocalist, multiple Grammy® winner and Oscar®-nominated songwriter who remains as vital and relevant today as when he exploded on the scene with his group, Brasil ’66.  With a rich, multi-layered approach to storytelling, the film digs deep to reveal the forces that shaped Sergio Mendes’ incredible journey. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker John Scheinfeld (The U.S. vs John Lennon, Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary, and The Happy Days of Garry Marshall).
The film premiered on U.S. streaming sites, including Peacock, iTunes and TuBi TV in late 2021 and is currently available for digital rental, streaming or purchase via those platforms.
Under various titles including, SÉRGIO MENDES: NO TOM DA ALEGRIA and SERGIO MENDES: EN EL TONO DE LA ALEGRIA, the documentary is currently airing on HBO Brasil and HBO GO Brasil, HBO Latam and HBO Caribbean. Please visit, and for more information.